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Our First Ever Spring Hive Check

It’s often said that the more you know, the more you know you don’t know. This rings true for us every time we open our hive and even when we’re just sitting nearby watching with wonderment. Though we’re entering our … Continue reading

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Do As He Says, Not As He Does

Sunday night. It’s hot. We’re tired. Our bodies are rebelling against us after a six hour road trip. The sun is setting, and our bees are settling in for the evening. We wanted to curl up with a slice of … Continue reading

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All’s Quiet at the Hive

Our anxiety as first-time bee ‘parents’ grows as the days shorten and our beehive goes quiet. And I am reminded with each passing day of the blind faith required to be a beekeeper. All summer long we fretted over whether or not our … Continue reading

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So Far, So Good

Five days after our bees safely arrived home, I left for a two week adventure in Maine. While I was sure the bees were in the most capable hands of my husband Greg, I felt a twinge of guilt as … Continue reading

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You’ve Got Bees

Four days had passed since we left our brand new, very first ever bee hive in Burns Harbor, Indiana. We didn’t exactly abandon it. In fact, we’d left it in the most capable of hands – our bee mentor, Bob … Continue reading

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Still Waiting For Bees

Bob hadn’t told me what time to call, so of course I rang him early Wednesday morning, as soon as I was convinced it was socially acceptable. I suspected Bob was an early riser. “Well, I haven’t had a chance … Continue reading

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Our First Big Bee Decision: Painting the Hive

“What color should we paint our hive?” I asked Greg over breakfast yesterday.     Sounds like a simple enough question right? A dilemma no more difficult than choosing a color when you buy a new car or you paint an old … Continue reading

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Some Assembly Required

Nearly three weeks had passed since we ordered our hive from Betterbee. And still, no hive. “In this day and age it’s inexcusable to not send an email notifying a customer about a delay of service or delivery,” I said … Continue reading

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