…the beekeepers

Bobbi said: I was born a country mouse. The city, or any town with more than one stoplight, called to me at an early age. Happily I made my way to Chicago, the city I’ve called home for more than ten years. Now, a firmly rooted city mouse, there are times I want more…or maybe less. I long to return to the kind of place I was once so desperate to escape, where the lush green land gently rolls towards the horizon; where the roads curve their way through dense canopies of century-old trees; and sweet corn can be bought on the honor system at a roadside farm stand. I dream of raising sheep, making my own version of Manchego cheese, and winning a blue ribbon at the state fair for my green tomato chutney. In the meantime, I’m tending my potager with nearly 20 varieties of herbs; living another dream of writing a book; refining my cheesemaking skills with store bought milk; and now…raising bees.

Greg said: Ever since I can remember I’ve thought it would be fun to live and work on a farm. However, as a hardworking student good at math, science, and problem solving, my life path led me into structural engineering. Farm life still calls to me. I dream of owning my own farm someday – 200 acres to start would be just fine by me. Until I’m ready to make the transition from what I’m good at to what I’m passionate about, I do what I can with the limited urban green space I am grateful to call my own. I have a tree nursery busting at the seams, two vegetable gardens (400 SF in total), and now…raising bees.

…our hive

We have an eight-frame, Eastern pine Langstroth hive from Betterbee.

…our bees

On June 5, 2010 we started our hive with 30,000 Hoosier Bees (“very gentle bees”) purchased from Kress Apiary in Burns Harbor, Indiana.